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Early Edition

Welcome to the Early Edition release of Susurrus: Season of Tides.

This is our first official release of the game, and follow-up to our Epsilon and Theta test releases. Epsilon tested the proof of concept for the narrative structure of the game. Theta introduced the multiplayer features. The Early Edition release contains a fully operational game, complete with 3 species, 10 factions, 5 city cyles, and the ability to make in-game purchases.

Susurrus will be at PAX West from September 1-4 - at least, in stealth mode! We're running a small puzzle ARG - solve it, and receive an in-game bonus, as well as a chance to win a signed art card by Duncan Eagleson! Look for our flyers around the outside of the convention center in Seattle, and scan the QR codes to begin your quest!

Thanks again for playing with us early!

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Park with wolves

Visit your species leadership to receive the Umbrasphere and compete to expand your world!

Explore the city’s locations and repeat quests to encourage Factions to approach you!

Blog Entries
There’s a contest on! Play before the Equinox to flaunt your species pride!
It’s a strange, sparking ball, full of the kind of darkness that feels like it has light just inside it. It’s warm in your hand, alive with an electric energy. The UmbraSpheres are strange little artifacts, and none of the species leadership seem to know where they came from. But you can fill them with Glimmer, and when you have enough, you will have in your hands a rare type of currency indeed. Between the recent total solar eclipse – when it seems these things were created by some rogue Mage or other – and the coming Autumnal Equinox on September 22, you can visit Estzi at the Farm if you’re a werewolf, Philippa at the University if you’re a mage, or Narendra at Choudary and Bloodworth if you’re a vampire. Each of them will tell you about these strange orbs, and the friendly competition that has arisen among the three species: whoever collects the most Glimmer-filled orbs will be able to build a new place of power for their kind.
Susurrus: Season of Tides Early Edition is HERE!
Some of you are probably wondering exactly what Early Edition means. Well, as we hurtled rapidly toward our launch deadline of Gen Con 50, we realized that we still had a lot of story to tell, and not enough time to tell it in. So we wanted to make sure we got a finished game to you, and to the attendees of Gen Con, and to the world, that you can sink your narrative-loving teeth into. But we also want you to know that much more story will be coming over the next three months, and by late fall, we’ll be well on our way to releasing the close of the first season arc.
The Harbinger
Nobody had seen the Harbinger before, not until recently. Now, it seems like they’re everywhere. Not that folks would notice, so much. A strange figure – mostly for their total lack of strangeness. Average in height, build, skin color, gender presentation … relentlessly average, one might say. So much so that the figure is uncanny, odd in the way a humanoid robot might be, were it designed by aliens observing the totality of a city and attempting to create a Median Human.
Rhys, your (mostly) friendly neighborhood fae
You’re pretty sure you’ve never seen anyone quite like the taciturn clerk at the antique shop you’ve happened into. It’s not so much the uncertain gender of the person; that’s something you’ve got enough experience with at this point in your life. It’s something else, something you might not have noticed before you were Awakened. Something in the odd fashion choices, the casual hoodie with the ornate choker necklace beneath. But most of all, something in the way their copper-colored eyes – practically golden, like a cat’s – look right into you.
Comic #11: SO EXCITED for Gen Con!
We couldn’t be more thrilled to be going to Gen Con 50 next week!! Be there with us when the Overlord meets the Dragon, and scan the QR codes on our posters and banners to enter our epic puzzle hunt. Not going to Gen Con? Play the game during the convention to get exclusive quest content (will disappear 8/21!) and purchase the Golden Dragon Minion (you’ll get to keep it)!
Jared, the poet magician
He’s the second thing you see when you open your eyes. The first is a welter of scribbling on the wall beside you, a visual cacophony of symbols, hashes and curves. You try not to look at it for too long, as it starts to move and shape itself into new meanings if you stare for more than a few seconds. You don’t remember doing that, but you’re fairly sure you did that.
Gen Con Characters: Jack, the Minstrel
You’ve noticed him, and not just for the obvious reasons, like the pointy ears and the cool but slightly-off mode of dress. The old you would have shrugged and figured you were just behind on the body-mods curve, but now that you’ve been touched, everything and everyone magical seems to glow slightly, or buzz in your chest, or give off a certain category of scent. Not to mention that he’s in front of you in line at the customer counter where you’re just trying to pay your overdue electric bill, and he will Not. Stop. Talking. Really, the nice lady behind the counter should just let him upstairs. His cousin works there, you see. Did he mention he’s in a band? Did he mention how cool the band is? The line he’s paying out is so obviously a line that it’s outright comic, but the lady is starting to smile and you’re finding yourself reeled in despite yourself.
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What Is Susurrus?

Susurrus: Season of Tides is a free-to-play story-driven web game of conspiracy and horror in an urban fantasy world.

Largely text-driven, Susurrus draws from old-school text adventures, modern interactive fiction, and the deep character development of tabletop and live-action RPGs. Choose your path as a vampire, werewolf, or mage, then watch how your power unfolds in a modern world filled with uncanny beasts, walking nightmares, and silent conspiracies. You'll be called to ally yourself with one of ten factions as you uncover the secrets of your home city. Along the way, you'll meet a vibrant and diverse cast of NPCs, enlist their aid, and develop personal relationships with them.

The twist? Susurrus is multiplayer, so you can team up with players from all over the world to build a unique power base of connections and resources to advance your cabal's objectives - or explore the world on your own.

Start playing now by clicking the 'Play' button at the top! Over the next few months, watch for new story arcs as they are released - and see how Season One unfolds!

Mage character
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