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+Current Patch Notes (5/14/18)

Content Additions

  • Two more companion quests continue! It’s Scale and Compass and Hermes’ turn! Can’t wait to see just what Professor Breakstone’s transdimensional research has led to? Eager to get back on the hunt for Oluchi’s missing spider robot? Now’s your chance to see where these threads go! Updates to the remaining Faction Companion quests to come in the next update.

Tech/UI Fixes

  • A total revamp of the opening of the game! We have worked hard on revamping the opening of the game for all three species, including music scoring, quest-streamlining, tutorial hints, and a generally clearer path to your character’s Awakening before you head out into the more open world. Start a new character to check it out!

  • UI changes continue! Log into the game and see for yourself!