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+Current Patch Notes (11/20)

11-28-2017 Hotfix

  • You can now unequip items
  • Fixed a bug where inventory was displaying duplicate items
  • Fixed a bug that locked players in a location and displayed insufficient energy
  • All quests are now visible regardless of availability
  • NPC sizing should be more consistent now

Content Additions

  • “Angels of Our Better Nature” - Susurrus’s first premium storyline -
    - We are proud to present our very first premium storyline entitled “Angels of Our Better Nature” - a new, full-length adventure available for purchase in the Susurrus store!
    - This artfully crafted, novelistic experience will carry the player along into a vast and totally new exploration of the lore of our world. While on a mundane errand for L, you stumble upon a terrifying ritual to tear out pieces of the human psyche. This horrific desecration of the spirit draws you into a desperate race to prevent further atrocities and save innocent lives.
    - Written by Bram Stoker Award-winning author Michael Marano, illustrated exclusively by Sandman-veteran artist Duncan Eagleson, and edited by emerging playwright Phoebe Roberts of the Mrs. Hawking series, our very first premium quest will be an experience like nothing else you’ve seen in this world.
    - Purchase the quest “Angels of Our Better Nature” by Michael Marano in our store for 399 Crystals today! The adventure begins in Brookside, as You Walk Down the Lonely Street.

UI/Feature Updates

  • The entire UI has been redesigned!

Known Bugs

  • The music interface sometimes will not play.
  • The music will restart when clicking on quest choices.
  • Character and location images sometimes take a couple of seconds to load.
  • Some NPC portraits are bigger than they need to be, but you can still zoom out to see the portrait
  • On rare occasions, buttons for choices on a quest do not display entirely within the game window. In such cases, zooming out in the browser window will bring them onto the screen.


  • Soon, you will be able to create and customize your own player avatar.