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+Current Patch Notes (2/12/2018)

Content Additions

  • Get to know your faction companions through a new adventure! - If you’ve joined one of the ten Factions, you’ve gotten assigned a partner who is now one of your Companions. Once you’ve met your Faction Boss, you can expect a message from your Faction Companion asking for your help on a personal matter. Lending a hand will open up an adventure where you will learn more about the character and experience a storyline unique to them!

New Feature

  • The Avatar Creator is finally here. Click on the portrait box on the character page to create a representation of your character.

Bug Fixes

  • Sancha’s charm by the Riverside. Players who had trouble exchanging their poisoned glimmer for Sancha’s charm in the Riverside quest will have better luck if they try again.

Known Issues

  • Some avatar creator clothing item combinations may overlap each other incorrectly.